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Should I Hire a Logo Designer or Use a Logo Maker

Getting a logo designed for a business can be slightly confusing given the range of design options available. For business owners, there is a choice of professional logo designer or logo maker or tools like Adobe Illustrator.

The one you go for depends on various factors such as budget, requirements of the business, and long-term branding strategies.

As a business owner, you want a logo that represents your brand values. Also, one that is relevant to the business, and you can use for promotions on digital and print mediums. Now, like a lot of people, you might also wonder which one to go for, a logo maker or logo designer.

While it does depend on your finances and preferences to make an informed decision, you need to know everything about both of them. Once you are aware of the advantages and problems of using a logo maker and hiring a logo designer, you can make your pick.

Logo Maker

Essentially, logo makers are online applications or tools that people can use easily to design a logo. One of the best things about these logo makers is that they allow you to experiment with the design or creation for free most of the time.

Some can let you download the final design without a charge but usually, you pay to obtain the logo graphics for use. As a dental practitioner, this can be a viable option for getting a brand identity design that is professional and accommodated within a small budget as well.

You can find several highly useful logo makers with a quick search on Google such as Logo Design and quite a few others. In the examples below, you can see how this online business logo maker is engaging for everyone and very user-friendly.

Advantages of a Logo Maker

By using a logo maker, you can certainly overcome a lot of challenges that come with logo designing and create an effective brand symbol that represents your business accurately.

In the end, you will have a brand identity design that is versatile, attracts the eye immediately, and is memorable as well.

  • A logo maker is quite easy to navigate. You can start with an empty canvas and begin the design from scratch or choose something from the numerous templates that come with almost all logo makers. You just have to pick one and enter the name of your company. There are also customization options provided where you can add or remove the icons, try various color combinations and change fonts or typography.
  • It’s fast and fairly simple. With a logo maker, your design could be ready in a few hours instead of days or weeks. Once you have created your logo, the software allows you to simply download the file and start using it anywhere you want.
  • Logo makers are not costly. At times, you can get your logo for less than $50 while a few tools could charge a higher price of up to $200.

Drawbacks of a Logo Maker

  • While you may find want to choose a logo maker for designing your symbol, you should know that there might be a few problems as well.
  • You cannot customize your design easily as the fonts and icons are also being used by many other businesses and brands. So, while your logo will be associated with your business, it will have similarities with others as well.
  • Editing and upgrades can be difficult because you do not have someone to give feedback to. You might have to keep on revising the original design and at times, pay additional charges for it too.

Logo Designer

Whether you opt for a freelance designer or enter a logo design contest or a professional agency, you will be able to get a timeless and attractive logo.

Basically, with hiring a logo designer, you have to communicate with them clearly, convey your dental brand’s message and prepare a brief. Your brief should have preferences, style, and introduction of your business. Many of the globally recognized logos that you see today such as Nike or FedEx have been created by aspiring and professional graphic designers.

Image Source: Pinterest Image Source: logos-world.net

If you think about it, there are quite a few advantages to hiring a logo designer.

Advantages of a Logo Designer

  • Your logo will be completely customized and created according to your brand’s requirements and brand guidelines. In case you choose to go for a logo contest, you will have a lot of different options or inspirational ideas that might work for your business. You could pick any, pay for it and begin using it on your website, social media, packaging, and marketing.
  • There can be as many upgrades or revisions that you want. When you hire a logo designer, you can constantly give feedback and ask them to make changes to the concepts as per the agreement.

Drawbacks of a Logo Designer

When it comes to hiring logo designers, there are some obstacles as well.

  • These are more expensive options with some designers charging over $1000 for logo designing. If you go for a professional agency, you might have to pay upwards of $2500. However, with logo design contests, you can get your logo at a lower price that is mostly between $250-$400.
  • It takes longer for a designer to deliver the logo. That’s because a logo designer takes time to conceptualize, create, make revisions, and then finalize the design. You may have to wait for 4 to 6 weeks to get your logo.

Which to Choose?

While both have their importance in the industry, using a logo maker seems like a good choice in the beginning. When you are starting out, you can get a professional-looking logo for your business using a logo maker. You can then, later on, revamp or upgrade it by hiring a high-end logo designer.

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