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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Schedule for Your Business

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Creating a social media marketing schedule is a great way to use automation software to help you with your social media marketing. Twitter allows you to schedule individual posts along with specific time limits.

Facebook allows you to schedule posts in groups by popularity or discipline. Pinterest allows you to group pins by topic so that you can create a larger collection of pins around one topic.

What is a Social Media Marketing Schedule?

A social media schedule is setting up a schedule for your social media posts ahead of time. It’s a great practice to have your posts prepared ahead of time. This is because you get to plan on your posts and use the perfect times to post without rushing your posts.

There are many ways to create such a schedule, but the most fundamental is to use tools like Social Pilot, Buffer and Hootsuite. Others have created useful templates based on their own schedules.

Why You Should Create a Social Schedule

Your social media presence should be part of your marketing strategy. Not only does it help you connect with potential customers, but it helps you market your business.

If you are starting your own company and want to grow your social media presence, then creating a schedule will help you accomplish this task.

By scheduling posts in specific time slots, you will not only build trust with your followers. But also you will give yourself a plan of what content to produce based on the needs of the post.

How to Create a Social Media Schedule

Creating a social media schedule is one of the most effective ways to increase your brand’s exposure. As a marketer, I’ve found that creating a schedule helps me stay on top of several trending topics in our niche. This in turn helps the brands we work with stay relevant and find new customers.

Having a specific scope of what I can post each day also helps me stay organized in posting as well. Knowing how to use each platform allows me to create posts that are highly sought after by our audience.

Also, creating links out for each piece of content ensures that new visitors are there when I launch it.

Let’s look at some ways that you can easily create a social media marketing schedule that works for your business.

1. Define your Goals.

If you have a business and want to grow it, then social media marketing is one of the most important ways you can do it. Having good social media skills helps you get more followers for your business. You can also connect with people who may have an interest in your services or products.

With defined goals, you can build more relationships with industry influencers.

2. Define Your Audience.

You know that social media marketing can be a tremendous way to increase your traffic and build an audience, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming. There are dozens of different apps, guides, and blogs recommending different strategies.

Besides, your social media schedule will look different if you use different platforms. Establishing a consistent approach can help you reach your goals faster.

3. Choose The Right Social Media Platform for you.

You can create a social media schedule that works for your business simply by understanding a few basic concepts.

Different social sites attract different audiences, of different ages. Their availability online is different per platform. Also, depending on the platform you use, content is relevant for different periods.

Stories for example, are only available 24 hrs, a post on linked in has a life span of 7 days. On platforms like Twitter, however, the volume of posting has to be high as there is always new topics trending. Twitter has the highest engagement from Monday to Thursday.

4. Establish Time Limits for Posts and Content Creation.

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools for growing your business. But, if not used right, it can put a negative spin on the reputation of your brand and business.

By scheduling posts according to certain parameters, you can use social media to reach more people.

You can do this while avoiding time-wasting posting that will earn you negative comments from your followers. You can simply do this by using data from your page about the type of posts that get the highest engagement.


What you Can Learn From Scheduling.

It’s not always easy deciding what strategy to follow, but there is one thing you can do to help yourself out. Create a social media marketing schedule that is perfect for your business.

A great social media marketing schedule will help put you in the optimal position to accomplish your goals on social media. Additionally, it will help you create a sustainable strategy over time.

Remember it’s not just about what posts will generate the most engagement on each channel. It’s also about what type of content will help your brand stick in people’s minds. This is because good content drives new customers to your business and keeps veterans coming back for more.

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