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Website Redesign: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

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There is a major tension that exists around a website redesign. What should a company do over the course of its lifecycle? Is maintaining the site every few years part of an organization’s digital strategy? Or is it something else entirely? In this post, I’ll explore the issues companies face when redesigning their site. I’ll also share some tips for how and when any company can get started.

“The best time to build a website is when no one else can see it.” – Seth Godin

Recently, however, there’s been a backlash against this excessive churn. Now, many organizations are opting to invest in redesigns less frequently—if at all. They believe this strategy produces better outcomes, generates cost savings, and is good for the environment. But is this really true? Is it better to never redesign? Or should you redesign your website every three years?

What is Website Redesign?

A website redesign is the complete overhaul of a website in code and user interface. It’s like bringing down a worn-out skyscraper with explosives to erect a new one.

A web design overhaul can be an effective way to set fresh, high-quality content on the newest, most technically advanced platform. This is mainly to keep your organization at the forefront of public communication. But like all major undertakings, it requires careful planning and preparation before taking any steps toward the new site. Website redesigns overhaul some or all the following to make them better

  • User Interface (Mobile and Desktop)
  • User Experience Design
  • Rebranding and New target persona
  • Server and Security updates
  • Technology adaptations
  • New product launches

A website redesign can be a great way to refresh your site and new look. This also fives while also taking the chance to help improve your processes. However, depending on the goals you have for your organization, it may not always make sense to take this approach.

In other words, the whole process has been nerve-wracking from start to finish. These feelings are understandable because a website redesign is a massive undertaking. Yet despite how much anxiety websites cause, organizations continue to redesign their websites.

What’s the big deal with website redesigns? Why do they generate such a mix of emotions? And why is it that a website redesign seems to set the bar for all corporate change management over the next three years?

That’s a lot of work. Before you launch your website redesign, take the time to ask yourself these questions. This is so you can make an informed decision whether it’s the right thing for your organization.

Website redesigns are very common, and vital to the success of many enterprises. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t completely understand the purpose behind this investment.

As someone who has led dozens of web redesigns and as an advocate for lean processes, I wanted to lay out the case for you. Here is why you may want to reconsider a website redesign for your business.

Why Redesign a Website

Websites need regular care and maintenance to stay fresh. If your business relies on your website generating leads or sales, it’s important to have a website that converts.

There’s no universal answer to when to redesign your website. You need to take into consideration your specific goals and then evaluate the best approach. In general, however, there are three good reasons to redesign your website:

  1. To get a better ranking in search engines.
  2. Increase sales for your eCommerce business.
  3. To make a better impression on customers or clients.
  4. Rebranding your site
  5. To add functionality to your site
  6. Optimizing for mobile users
  7. To convert more visitors into leads

When to redesign your website

Some people ask the question: should I redesign my website? The answer is yes, but it depends. If you have not updated your website in 5 years and has lots of issues, then you should consider a website redesign.

The right time to redesign your website is when your business needs an upgrade.

When you think about redesigning your website, there are many factors that influence your decision. First, you need to analyze why you’re considering a change. Do you need something new, like a new color scheme? Or do you need help with your current site’s layout?

Some of the most common considerations when redesigning include:

Lack of time

You can spend hours brainstorming ideas for a new look, but it’s not getting you anywhere. If you have limited time, focus on what it takes to achieve the best results in terms of usability and conversion rate improvements.

Niche site

A niche site might not be the best way to present yourself. Ask yourself if there’s a successful alternative that would show off what you have to offer better.

Not ready for a redesign.

It might be that your website isn’t ready for a complete overhaul. Maybe an improvement in your existing layout would do the trick. Or maybe it’s just time for some maintenance before investing in a full-fledged redesign. Consider this before thinking of a redesign.

Think about your business owners’ goals

Take into consideration your clients’ needs and what you want out of the new design. Does redesigning have a positive return on investment on your business profit?

If a website redesign does not solve your business problems it might not be worth investing in. You wouldn’t want to spend on redesigning only to regret it at a later stage. It’s important to have a direction for your business

Here are some important questions you should consider before deciding if a site redesign will ever be necessary for your nonprofit.

When is the best time to redesign your website?

The best time to redesign your website is when it’s ready. The more you can do now, the easier it will be to get started when you are ready. However, if you have a project deadline with a client, don’t feel bad about doing some of the work early. It just means that all of the work will need to be done at once.

What should you do before you start?

Before I redesign my website, I have a few goals for what I want it to accomplish. For example, I want people to find my site easily, and then after they’ve found it, I want them to trust that it’s reliable and trustworthy. That way they will return and visit often and even become customers.

Is there anything special that I should do before I start?

If you aren’t sure what to do first or how to start, take a look at what others have done to help them out. You can look through our blog posts or view one of our websites for inspiration as well as other successful websites we’ve designed.

But remember to keep it simple so that it’s easy for anyone who visits your site but also easy for you as the designer or developer working on this project. If there is too much going on on the screen at once, then people may get confused and lose interest in what you’re trying to do.

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