Brand’s Best SEO Examples

Brand’s Best SEO Examples

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Have you ever wondered how some brands manage to dominate the search engine rankings, while others struggle to even make it to the first page? The secret lies in their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for businesses to succeed. SEO is a crucial component of that online presence. It helps businesses improve their visibility and attract more organic traffic to their website.

The best way to learn about effective SEO strategies is by looking at successful examples from top brands.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best SEO examples from well-known brands and how they managed to achieve their success. Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional, these examples will provide valuable insights that you can apply to your SEO efforts.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of optimizing a website’s content and structure to increase its visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

15 Best SEO Examples and Lessons for Marketers

1. Etsy

Creating an effective content strategy is crucial for attracting targeted organic visitors to e-commerce websites. Etsy, a leading global marketplace for handcrafted products, is a prime example of how a robust content strategy can drive customer engagement and retention.

Etsy’s content strategy is centred around inspiring stories about its merchants and the unique products they offer. It’s not just about SEO but also about fostering a community that loves the shopping site and keeps coming back for more. Content marketers often cover Etsy, and a search for “Etsy content strategy” yields numerous results.

One of the key reasons why Etsy’s content strategy works so well is its emphasis on user-generated content. They feature the work of their merchants and highlight the stories behind their products. By shining a spotlight on its users, Etsy creates a sense of community and fosters brand loyalty.

Additionally, they use enticing hooks to guide viewers to deeper pages, resulting in increased engagement and higher customer retention rates.

Etsy’s content strategy is a prime example of how effective content can drive engagement and retention in e-commerce websites. If you want to improve your website’s SEO and customer engagement, consider taking a page from Etsy’s playbook. 

2. Rei

When it comes to e-commerce websites, fast load times are critical for driving sales. One of the biggest factors that can slow down a site is the use of excessive imagery.

However, there are ways to strike a balance between high-quality product photos and fast load times. Rei, an outdoor gear brand, is an excellent example of a website that has achieved this balance.

Rei’s website has a remarkably fast load time of just 1.07 seconds, which is a significant achievement in the e-commerce world. According to research, 47% of users expect a page to load within one or two seconds, and anything longer can cause them to click away.

By keeping their load time so low, Rei has ensured that potential customers can quickly and easily access their products and make purchases.

Having a fast-loading website is not only important for user experience, but it is also a crucial factor in SEO strategy. Google takes website load time into account when determining search engine rankings, so a fast site can help to boost your ROI.

Rei’s success in this area makes them an excellent example for other e-commerce brands to follow.

3. Nike

Nike’s website is a prime example of how the use of buzzwords can impact SEO. The moment you land on their homepage, you’re greeted with terms like “must-have,” “trending,” and “new releases,” creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

Not only are these phrases used throughout the site, but they are accompanied by photos that further pique your interest in the brand’s offerings.

This strategy works wonders in terms of engaging visitors and making them curious about the products. Even if you’re not in the fashion industry, there’s a lesson to be learned from Nike’s SEO tactics. Find the most relevant and popular keywords in your niche and integrate them into your website’s content, particularly the homepage.

Another crucial aspect of Nike’s website is its user experience. The site is designed with the customer in mind, with easy navigation and well-organized categories to help shoppers find what they need quickly. This, coupled with high-quality product images and detailed descriptions, creates a seamless shopping experience.

Nike’s SEO strategy is successful because it uses targeted keywords to create buzz around its products while ensuring a smooth customer experience. By following their lead, you too can improve your SEO and attract more visitors to your website.

4. Looka

Looka is a company that uses AI to create logos and brands for its customers. Using Looka’s service, customers can choose their preferred colours, typefaces, and designs, and the program will take care of the rest.

One of the most attractive features of Looka’s service is that customers can start the process for free and see what kinds of ideas the program generates before committing any money. This is particularly appealing to many business owners who are hesitant to invest in professional branding.

What’s even more impressive about Looka is their clever SEO strategy. The company made its tool initially free, which made it highly linkable. This means media outlets and bloggers could share it with their audiences without worrying about complaints regarding the price.

Unsurprisingly, this strategy has significantly improved Looka’s backlink profile.

Having reputable websites link to your company is crucial in SEO because Google sees it as a vote of confidence in your credibility and reliability. The more high-quality links your website receives, the higher it will rank.

Looka’s approach is a great SEO example and illustrates how a simple strategy can go a long way in improving your backlink profile.

5. Pepsi

Pepsi has long been recognized for its exceptional brand development skills. One of their website’s most prominent features is the use of H₁ and H₃ tags to create a sense of celebration and association with pleasant moments when consuming a Pepsi beverage.

This is a powerful SEO tactic that can help boost rankings and attract potential customers who search for related terms.

For instance, their H₃ tag reads “the official soft drink of the National Football League,” a phrase that aims to attract both Google users searching for “soft drink” and those searching for “national football league.” The strategic use of keywords and the play on words in these tags is an excellent example of effective SEO.

As a business owner, it’s essential to understand what your target audience is searching for and how to incorporate those terms into your website’s content. This can significantly improve your website’s visibility and attract more potential customers to your brand.

Take a page out of Pepsi’s book and experiment with different keywords and phrases to create a compelling website that resonates with your audience.

6. Amazon

Amazon is renowned for its excellence in e-commerce SEO. One of the ways it excels is through the use of user-generated content, typically in the form of reviews and ratings.

These social signals offer consumers a valuable resource for making more informed purchasing decisions. On an SEO level, user comments on retail sites provide fresh content that describes the product, a crucial element for any e-commerce website.

Amazon’s use of user-generated content is unrivalled. It’s not uncommon to find products with hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews.

In addition to providing valuable information to consumers, this wealth of content also provides significant benefits to Amazon’s SEO efforts. Fresh content is vital to any website’s SEO strategy, and the sheer volume of reviews on Amazon makes it a clear leader in this area.

Amazon’s success in e-commerce SEO is not by accident. Their innovative approach to utilizing user-generated content has paid off immensely. For businesses looking to improve their SEO efforts, taking cues from Amazon’s approach could provide significant benefits.

By prioritizing user-generated content, businesses can provide valuable resources for consumers and improve their SEO at the same time.

7. Gymshark

Gymshark, a fitness clothing brand, is a remarkable SEO example, mainly because of its comprehensive backlink profile and outstanding social proof, which is majorly generated through social media.

In addition to launching their brand, Gymshark has also started a frequently-updated blog that discusses trending topics and answers the questions their customers are asking. This content marketing effort has significantly helped their website traffic to skyrocket.

Their backlink profile is essential in ranking well in search engines. It shows Google that many reputable websites are linking to them, indicating that their website is of high-quality and trustworthiness.

By using social media, they have established a brand image that resonates with their target audience, which boosts their social proof. Moreover, they have done an excellent job of integrating their social media presence into their website.

Their blog has helped them to rank well for several relevant keywords. By creating fresh, engaging, and informative content that caters to their customer’s needs, they can attract more organic traffic to their site.

As a result, they can showcase their brand, products, and services to a broader audience, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Gymshark is a good SEO website example that shows how a strong backlink profile, outstanding social proof, and an effective content marketing strategy can help to drive traffic to a website.

8. Woot

Great site architecture can have a significant impact on your site’s usability and rankings. Not only will users be able to find your products easily, but with the help of internal links, you’ll provide search engines with a logical path from your home page to your product pages.

Also, the keywords you use as anchors will help you rank higher in search results.

Woot is a deal site that provides an excellent example of well-thought-out site architecture. They have categorized and organized their products by type, making it easy for users to find what they are looking for. Additionally, they have implemented breadcrumbs, which allow users to navigate between different content levels.

In line with the best usability practices, all products on Woot can be accessed within just 2 or 3 clicks from the home page. This approach presents all the content in a manner that is user-friendly and optimized for search engines.

9. Macy’s

When it comes to large ecommerce sites, it’s not uncommon for products to be accessible through multiple paths. Macy’s is a good example of this.

For instance, you can navigate to their clothing section in many ways, including by clicking on the “Women” or “Men” tabs on the main menu, or by selecting a category like “Dresses” or “Suits & Suit Separates” on the left-hand sidebar.

This kind of flexibility in navigation makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for, regardless of how they approach the site. It also benefits SEO, as it allows search engines to crawl and index the site more thoroughly, increasing the chances of your product pages being discovered by users.

10. Overstock

Using structured data, such as and RDFa, is crucial for ecommerce SEO as it enables site owners to provide precise information to search engines. This information can then be displayed in search results as rich snippets, including details like ratings, prices, and availability.

Overstock is an ecommerce site that effectively uses structured data, which helps it stand out in both organic and shopping results. By utilizing structured data, Overstock provides accurate product information to search engines, allowing them to create rich snippets that are more informative for users.

By implementing structured data effectively, ecommerce sites like Overstock can provide search engines with more accurate information about their products, leading to better search engine rankings and more informed consumers.

11. Luna Sandals

Product descriptions are a crucial aspect of ecommerce SEO, yet they are often overlooked. They are one of the simplest things to get right for an ecommerce site’s SEO.

Even if your site sells other people’s products, it is important to avoid copying and pasting the manufacturer’s description. Instead, create a unique and detailed product description that will make your site more relevant for the products you sell and the related keywords you target.

One great example of a brand that understands the importance of product descriptions is Luna Sandals, a minimalist footwear brand. Each of their footwear items includes a unique and inspiring description of over 500 words.

This attention to detail sets them apart and makes their website more engaging and informative for their customers.

12. Hasbrook & Hasbrook nails local SEO

Hasbrook & Hasbrook is a personal injury law firm based in Oklahoma City that excels in local SEO. Local SEO is crucial for businesses with physical locations or primarily serving customers in a specific area. To appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) for people searching for businesses similar to yours in the area, you need to work for it.

Hasbrook & Hasbrook does an excellent job of making its location clear. The firm has its location in most of its webpage titles, and a lot of its content is inspired by laws relevant to local citizens. Even its website URL has “Oklahoma” in it.

While this might seem simple, it has a huge impact on a business’s search engine rankings. The law firm currently ranks on the first page of Google for Oklahoma keywords with a collective monthly search volume of 9,130. This means there are many people interested in the services Hasbrook & Hasbrook provides, and they’re likely to discover the company during their research.

If your business has physical locations or serves many customers in a specific area, creating your local SEO strategy is essential.

You can start by optimizing your Google My Business listing, incorporating your location into your website copy, and creating content that appeals to locals. Following these tips can significantly increase your foot traffic.

13. Venngage

Venngage, a company specializing in infographic design, has gained a strong presence on the SERPs through its high-quality content.

The creation of content should be a significant part of any SEO strategy as it provides search engines with more information about your business and enables you to showcase your expertise to potential customers.

One of Venngage’s high-ranking pieces of content is their guide titled “What is an infographic?” which appears at the top of Google search results for a wide range of relevant keywords. This guide has helped Venngage rank for terms such as “infographics,” “infographic examples,” and “infographic definition” with a monthly search volume of 84,079, 7,977, and 1,548 respectively according to Moz Keyword Explorer.

While individuals who first come across this content may not require Venngage’s services immediately, the guide provides an opportunity for Venngage to establish a relationship with potential clients who are interested in incorporating infographics into their content. This relationship could lead to future business opportunities.

To determine what kind of content your target audience is looking for, you can listen to client queries and conduct keyword research. Social Marketing Writing also provides a guide on evergreen vs. topical content to help you identify relevant topics to cover.

14. Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay has mastered SEO marketing and stands out in the highly competitive beauty industry. Through clever celebrity partnerships, such as with Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix, they have garnered attention and driven significant traffic to their website.

Their content marketing strategy involves curating content from small content creators and influencers on Instagram to create resources that those creators are likely to link and share, further boosting the visibility of the content and the brand.

This approach not only helps to create a diverse range of content but also establishes strong relationships with influencers, which can lead to increased brand loyalty and trust.

By focusing on creating engaging content and leveraging partnerships with influential figures, Beauty Bay has established a strong online presence and secured high rankings for competitive keywords.

For businesses in the beauty industry looking to improve their SEO, Beauty Bay serves as a great example of effective strategies to consider.

15. The INKEY List

The INKEY List is a prime example of effective SEO within the beauty and cosmetics industry. Their website collects customer data based on demographics such as age range and skin type to present customized product recommendations to visitors.

Additionally, they utilize SEO-optimized reviews that Google indexes for relevant long-tail keywords. For example, a review for “excellent quality sun cream” would be indexed by Google, which helps the brand attract relevant traffic within its niche.

By implementing these tactics, The INKEY List has been able to improve their visibility and drive traffic to their site. This is especially important in a competitive industry such as beauty and cosmetics.

By tailoring their content and product recommendations to specific demographics and utilizing SEO-optimized reviews, they can attract and retain customers.

Grow with SEO

These brands serve as excellent examples of how effective SEO strategies can help businesses achieve greater visibility, attract more relevant traffic, and ultimately drive conversions.

By focusing on elements such as high-quality content, local SEO service, unique product descriptions, and tailored customer experiences, these brands have managed to rank well in competitive search results and stay ahead of the curve in their respective industries.

At The Brand Shop, we understand the importance of a strong SEO strategy in building a successful brand. That’s why we offer comprehensive SEO services to help our clients optimize their online presence and reach their target audience. 

Don’t let your brand get left behind in the digital age. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services and how we can help your business achieve greater success online.

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