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Nonofo Joel

Nonofo Joel is a Brand Strategist at The Brand Shop. He frequently blogs about Branding, Website Design, and Search Engine Optimization on The Brand Shop Blog and other publications.

Why is Branding Important in Marketing?

branding in marketing

Over time, branding has evolved from logos and catchy jingles to become more complex. The audience is becoming more skeptical of companies trying to sell them anything. This is why branding has evolved into one of the key elements for…

What Is Brand Strategy?

brand strategy

I’m going to assume that you’re in your business for the long haul. This means that you’re smart enough to realize that brands are living breathing things, not just your logo or tagline. They infuse practically everything you do with…

Branding Terms You Should Know

branding terms you should know

Branding is the heart of every successful business. Take a look at any successful company, and you will see they are all highly branded. Above all, knowing what these terms mean will help you build your brand effectively. It’s crucial…

What is Brand Management?

brand management

Building a brand has to start with a clear direction. The company must decide what they want to convey to its customers. Ask yourself this, who is your target audience, and also, what do you want to communicate about your…

Top 13 Website Design Mistakes Businesses Make

website design mistakes

Your website is your virtual storefront. It’s the place where potential customers will check you out before deciding whether to buy your products or services. Your website is your online marketing tool. It’s the first thing people see when they…